DuKabel 3.5mm Extention Cable ( Including 1.2M, 2.4M, 5M, 8M)

DuKabel Headphone Extension Cable, 3.5mm Male to Female Stereo Audio Cable Lossless Audio Sound Premium Audio Cord Extension Cable Gold Plated Jack & Strong Nylon Braided



Look No Further - DuKabel Top Series Cables Have It All !

The DuKabel Stereo Audio Cable may seems a little pricey but if you're an audiophile it's worth every penny.

You know the clarity of the connection with this cable is going to be good when you find out it uses oxygen-free copper wiring. The same material also helps it give you that sound quality for a long, long period.

The connectors made from 24K gold are assured to be incorruptible by corrosion.

Plus, the triple shielding that runs through the entire length of the cable cuts out as much irrelevant noise as possible.

The DuKabel Top Series is designed to bring the absolute best sound out of all of your audio components. We use it for all of our personal cables. If you're serious about getting the absolute best performance possible out of your system, you will, too!

A Bespoke Experience

Our core engineering ethos dictates that form should follow function, but with the Top Series we wanted to create something which not only performs superbly, but possesses a visual and tactile quality which together create a durable, distinctive ‘heritage’ product.

Extend The Connection Distance Between Your iPhone, Mobile Phone Or Computer Headset

Enable a distant wired connection to your stereo headphones with this 4-foot DuKabel 3.5mm TRRS extension cable. Its high-grade copper core wire with spiral shielding facilitates a smooth audio signal transmission, and the durable outer jacket ensures long-lasting use.

4-Pole 3.5mm Connector

Supports beside stereo audio all headset functions like Play, Pause, Forward, Call answering etc.

In some circumstances, when an extension cable is used with an in-line remote control equipped headset, the remote control functions may not operate properly. This is due to the sensitivity of the remote control circuitry and does not indicate any defect in the cable.

Warm Tips:

To ensure proper hardware detection, we recommend that the external headset be plugged into the adapter first, before the adapter is connected to the computer or mobile device.


Top Serie Advantage