DuKabel USB Stereo Audio Adapter (Model No: DUSB352FB)
DuKabel Audio Cable Splitter

USB Audio Adapter, Gaming Headset to USB to 3.5mm Jack TRS AUX Adapter Built-in Chip USB Sound Card for Headset with Separate Plug [Metal Housing & Durable Braided] -DuKabel ProSeries


Look No Further - DuKabel Pro Series Cables Have It All !

The DuKabel Built-in Chip Adapter Cable uses its exclusive technology from decoding the signal of the sound, and amplify its details, to present a richer and clearer stereo sound for better listening experience.

The Advantages of DuKabel Pro Series:

The original analog signal is processed intelligently through the chip, presenting more details in sound, and bringing a perfect hearing feast.

Not only provide a stainless, touch and durable surface but also add more stylish to your lifestyle.

The cotton-braided out layer covers throughout of the whole cable length, to make sure unbreakable from vigorously pulling or frequently plugging in and out.

Everything is produced in a small form of unit. Its light and portability to make it become your essential everyday-use components for all of your smart devices.

The DuKabel Pro Series is designed to make a smarter signal to bring you a better listening experience out of all of your personal devices. We use it for all of our personal devices. If you're serious about getting the absolute best performance possible out of your system, you will, too!


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